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Gavin McMahan
Producer | Composer 







Hi! I'm Gavin.

I grew up immersed in music training and opportunity in San Diego. At 16, I began my career playing drums, keys, and guitar professionally for musical theater productions and studio sessions around Southern California. At the same time I got my first recording setup and began producing, recording, and mixing my band as well as my friends’ bands.


I left San Diego for BYU when I was 17 where I spent 7 years studying Commercial Music, focusing on production, film scoring, jazz, and voice. Halfway through college, I quit my student job doing live sound around campus to build my first recording studio and begin working full-time as a music producer and composer.


Since then, I have worked with dozens of artists and organizations, from Grammy winning artists like Take 6 to local artists alike. I have also scored dozens of films, ads, podcasts, and more while actively contributing to music libraries such as Warner Chappell and Amphibious Zoo, getting my music published all over the world.


Music is my life. For me personally, art, nature, and storytelling are the purest ways in which we connect to ourselves, each other, and perhaps beyond. Showing an artist through the craft of music production that those connections are deeper and more substantial than they had supposed is the joy of my life.


Head to the contact form and drop by the studio so you can experience the magic yourself!

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186 N 590 E

Vineyard, Utah, 84059

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